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    1. John

      The trailer bghurot smiles and tears to my eyes and my daughter’s. We are both great animal lovers and for this to be a story based on a true event really hits home. I told all of my homeschool mom friends about this as well as posted about it on facebook.

  1. Pebbles

    Hi cozi I am your biggest fan!!! You are an amazing actress and hope to see you in more commercials and movies soon!!!( I love your trident commercial!):):):)

  2. Nadine

    Wow it’s a nice one! I love dolphins so it may be a very super duper cute and great advice to me. I thought that if you swim around with it or dance it will just like… Hang on LOL but it really don’t. :(( And someday I want to see a real dolphin and many sorts of sea creatures!

    1. Indra

      LOVE the trailer! We will be there on Sept 23rd for Homeschool Day! We can’t wait to be a part of mtieohsng so important for the GOOD influences out there! There are so many negative influences thrown into media today and I’m just so glad to be able to help support such a positive one! God is Good!

  3. Griselda

    I cannot wait to see this movie! I wkroed on the set and our 2 youngest were amongst the 100 s of extras’ in the CROWD scene. Not to mention the story itself! I’ve got some pics of Winter and myself from the day I got to go down and meet’ her. It was a truly incredible experience that I cannot put into words. She was SO friendly and was clearly communicating to my friend and I. The eye-contact was amazing and she just loved to be in our presence and vice versa!!

  4. Amie

    Jennifer! This is for everyone! We just want to apersd the word to show Hollywood that good clean movies are desirable! It just so happens that 2 homeschooler believers are heavily involved with it Nathan and Cozi. But God put them in this position for such a time as this! They don’t represent just homeschoolers but they represent us followers of God! So yes, you are welcome to enter and please help us apersd the word!!!Courtney

  5. Yuko

    Hi Dolly,What a touching video and a tfuubieal bond between human and anipawl. Poor Winter, losing her tail! I can’t imagine losing my tail! I’m glad Winter is able to swim again. Thanks for sharing the trailer. Anipawls cannot go to movie theatres so mummy will rent the DVD when it comes out. I shed tears on my fur while I was watching the trailer meow meow snif snif Cousin Choupet xxx

  6. Paulina

    Watched the trailer! Our alfimy can’t wait to see it! We hate we’ll miss the homeschool day or any other visits to the theater we live in India! But, we’ve told our American friends all about it!We’d still love the fun pack and could have you mail it to our alfimy in the US.I’ve already posted on FB from Sally’s blog. Can you tell I’m excited??

  7. Karisma

    Wow! A dolphin movie based on such an imazang true story! I can hardly wait to see it. I’m even more exited after reading this post. I was home schooled, and I praise God for it. Dolphins have been one of my favorite animals since I was a little girl, second only two horses.The preview looks great too!

  8. Sue

    I saw this trailer the other day, robefe I read the info posted here. I am so much more in supportive of it. I can’t wait to see the movie. My daughter is a Freshman at a Christian university. I am going to encourage her and some of her friends to head out and see the movie during opening day. I think that would be honored to support it!!

  9. Nani

    Having support is huge! One of the srhdeat things for me when I returned to work was the lack of support. I had been a SAHM for years, and all the moms I knew were from homeschool groups. It took some time to find support from other working moms, but finding it made a huge difference for me.

  10. Aditi

    I watched the tarlior and its refreshing to see a powerful movie that will guide our kids toward God and healthy principles. We dont even go to the movies that much because of the bad language. Thank you for making a difference and beng obidient to Our Sav.ior, Jesus Christ

  11. Kristina

    Saw the movie at a the advance crneesing last weekend. Oh my! It’s a wonderful movie and so many lessons both academically and spiritually to draw from it. My 10 year old son told me last night, I think when Dolphin Tale comes out on video, we need to buy it. That, my friends, is high praise indeed!

  12. Lavacar

    I watched the movie terilar of a dolphin tail. This is a must see movie for me. I’m going to see if my 20-year old son and I can’t make a date to see this one together. I’m also going to post the link on facebook to share with other family members, friends, and co-workers.

  13. Mohamed

    I watched the teralir and it made me weepy! What an awesome movie. As a homeschool mom and a veterinarian, I have to say, it looks like the best movie to come out in a long time! Thank you so much for letting us know. I’ll post on FB too! Tiff

  14. Sylvie

    i watched the taeilrr on youtube but i had seen it in the theater at the last movie i took my kids to see think it was Ramona and Beezus. Looked like something my 9 y.o. daughter would love! Plus mom is a huge Harry Connick, Jr fan! Win-Win!

  15. Jairo

    WOW. This movie looks like an amazing movie for any child, nperat and family. I only watched the trailer and was mesmerized. I can’t wait to see it in the theater. It’s about time there is an uplifting,powerful and positive movie out there!

  16. Brancaleone

    WOW!!! What an unbelievable story. I cried tohrugh the whole trailer. :0) I will definitely be going to see this movie!! The world needs more people like Nathan who are interested in spreading the news of good morals and ideals. Thanks for this opportunity to win!!

  17. Jake

    Cozi you are awesome. I like you a lot. Love dolphin tale. Guess what this summer I’m going to visit winter. I’ll tell her that you said hi 🙂

    1. Jake

      Cozi you are a very good pianist you should make a movie about the girl who played her songor something like that it would be wonderful. Oh and I just want to say you and nathen gamble also is the best actors ever

  18. Gaby

    That is so cool! Cozi Zuehlsdorff is my role model and I love Disney Channel so I hope the show gets to be on tv full-time! Congrats Cozi! I love you! 🙂

  19. Jasmin

    She’s such a beautiful singer! I had completely forgotten, but of course she did musical theater before.

  20. nathan smiddy


    for some reason people have made accounts in Cozi name
    iv asked them all are you the real Cozi and they all said yes
    so iv ask all of them do you know what’s the name of your dog?
    5 out of 10 said the dog is called Bandit so for the rest of them that did not reply iv blocked them on Fb and also reported them as a fake to Facebook, I would like to 100% know the truth if Cozi done have facebook as i’m a big fan of her Film in dolphin tale witch that was very hart touching like <3 and also iv donated Winter and the CMA $55.00 witch is not much 🙁 i was hoping to get something like $5000 million or more to help them finish there goal 🙂
    Iv got my self some stuff of the seewinter.com site and what i got was a
    and a MUG

    So can you please tell me if Cozi dose have facebook thanks

    hope to here from Cozi like 🙂

    thanks again


    1. LROwen

      Hello; I’m glad you are questioning the “Cozi” on Facebook. She is NOT on Facebook, and asking those questions may get answers that anyone can find on the site. Those accounts are not the real Cozi, none of them. She only has a Twitter, not a FB. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  21. Aysia Milan

    Oh my gosh. Cozi is so beautiful. I wish I were her. I’d prb be the happiest person in the world! G. Hannelius looks SO young like a 4th garder but she’s fourteen! WOAH!

  22. Brad Bodie

    I just saw your performance on “Monday Mornings” second episode. You were great! I must say that your performance and character made this show episode successful! The premiere episode last week was just OK, but this episode was outstanding… and you made it that way! (Well, the writers, other adult actors and production crew might have helped), but your performance was exceptional and it is the one I will remember. Keep up the great work!

  23. Ro

    Stunned by the excellent acting on Monday Mornings. Deserves an Emmy nomination for best guest appearance. (Pretty mean piano playing too.)

  24. Olana

    I know doesn’t she?! Whoever gets these emails please tell Cozi personally for me that she looks amazing in her new headshot!

  25. nathan smiddy

    boy how much Cozi has Change since the last time i seen her in the dolphin tale film, I just cant stop thinking about her as she is just so lovely and caring I just I had the chance to date her as iv been having very awesome dreams about me and her dating <3 and trust me they feel so real its like an dream is about to come true witch I just hope me and cozi will start dating 🙂
    iv had loads of comments that cozi dose not have an facebook account and the rest says she dose 🙁 so Its like 50/50 is it yes or is it no ;'(

  26. Mistress Mary

    The pictures are BEUTIFUL! Cozi is a lovely girl. She will probably look like Cathrine Zeta Jones when she grows up…that means STUNNING! 🙂

  27. Taggart Snyder

    Hi! I envy you, a bit, not having a Facebook account. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have one! LOL I do, however, have a basset hound named Bandit. Congrats on your acting. I wish you much success!

  28. Sawyer Nelson ;)

    P.S. just in case you think I’m really Nathan Gamble, I’m not. He just dared me to do this cuz we’re re friends.

    Still, you do look pretty. <3

  29. Susan

    Since you know Cozi, please tell her that Susan Woodlawn is her biggest fan ever. I would love to know if she says hi back, so please post on this page to tell me (my email isn’t working). Thanks! Totally looking forward to Dolphin Tale 2!

  30. makaela lucas

    Hi i am so excited about dolphin tale 2 I don’t know if you Remember but I was in the play your a good man charlie brown if u don’t that’s fine but I wanted to ask if they used a real or fake or rely dolphin?☺???

  31. Jim Marvel

    was enchanted hearing a new voice. was surprised to know it was cozi. very nicely done. do you have lyrics posted? inspirational (made me tear up — 65 yr old man!!!!!)

  32. Andrew

    Hey cozi I am a huge fan.i am just wondering for yours and nathens phone number . By the way do you know when you or nathen will be at the aqairem sometime in May . Talk to you later 🙂

  33. Andrew

    Hey cozi it’s me again Andrew can i have your phone number please and nathens because I want to get to know you please reply sometime tomorrow please and I will call you ok . Ttyl

  34. Olivia

    Hi this is Olivia. I had a chance to meet you last week on Clearwater and at first a didn’t know you were a
    Amazing singer:) the next day I downloaded your EP to my phone and I loved it!! It was a amazing album:)
    Yesterday me Andy friend were listening to original original and it was totally is. I felt like you were writing a
    Song about us:) you have inspirerd me to follow my dream in being a singer. Thank you Cozi:)

    Love, Olivia:)

  35. alex murphy

    Dear Cozi,
    I am a big fan. I know that it is kind of weird for a boy to think your cool. In the second movie I was a lense wiper for the cameras. I was pretty amazed with you. Sorry I never made the time to see you.I am in Texas guess. Here’s my email if you cre to respond [email protected]. P.S I was in Annie, as Officer Ward In Korea.

  36. Joshua

    I am really looking forward to listening to the newest of Cozi’s songs. Personally I had mixed feelings about Originals, the only song I really enjoyed was “Shield”, not because the album sounded bad, but because to me it wasn’t truly Original. As a fan I for my self would enjoy hearing songs about what makes Cozi truly Original. For instance, most teenagers don’t watch old sit coms, The Brady Bunch, Andy Griffith, and so on. These shows came from a time when men had honor, children respected their parents, and families sat down at the dinner table together and prayed, holding hands and then talked about each others day, what the Lord was doing in their lives and so on and after would play a board game or watch a family movie instead of watching TV all the time . No matter what they did, they did together as one family. These things rarely happen now do to the moral decay of our nation and In this day and age these are things that are truly Original, however songs about these “Old Times” wont bring them back, but they will get people thinking. Songs like this, “Shield” and “Brave Souls”, I cried the first time I heard “Brave Souls” {and yes even guys can be moved to tears by songs such as these}, and songs about daily life or things we go through in life {Brave Souls}, no matter how original, different or the same as anybody else, {Sometimes its nice to know there’s someone else like you out there}, and keeping it “down to earth”, just because the “sky’s the limit” doesn’t mean you have to reach it. On a last note I just want to thank The Lord for Cozi and His inspiration thru her music. God Bless, Mt. 5:1-16 NKJV

  37. Ang

    You & Nathan Swimming With Winter Love It. I Started Crying When Panama Died And Never Stopped Until You
    And Nathan Both Were Swimming With Winter Then Happy Tears For The Rest Of The Movie. I Never Cryed Like That Before When I Watched A Movie. The Best Movie I Seen This Year. I Wish You And Nathan And Abby Could Sign My Dolphin Tale 2 Hat. Thank You For Letting Me Write On Your Page I’m A Big Fan. I Hope Dolphin Tale 4 In The Future.

    Your Friend
    And Fan

  38. andy cason

    dear cozi zuehlsdorff sometime ihope you can come and see andy cason supper club toocooking class your friend andy

  39. Klarysa Kaseman

    Do you think you are going to make a second album! Cause I made a few songs! That is meant for Winter and Hope I was wondering if you could give me some advice!

  40. Donnie Matthews

    Dear Cozi some day I hope to meet you.You have inspired me in many different ways and i really like you alot:

  41. Sam

    First saw Cozi in Dolphin Tale (and two)…

    then years later I heard Hellberg’s new banger, and curious, I looked up who the vocalist is.

    Very, very surprised to see her face pop up.


  42. Joshua

    For me personally this song is extremely confusing for a couple of reasons. First, although the piano in the beginning was pretty, the majority of the music which for me more closely resembled noise than music, so overpowered Cozi’s voice so that you can hardly hear what’s going on. Second, EM is hard to listen to for me personally because I believe that the Lord’s most beautiful gift to us beside life it self, is our voices no matter how good or bad we sing {Psalms said make a joyful noise unto the Lord, not a beautiful one. Psalm 98:4} Our voices are meant to give the power of life and when I sing I don’t want to trust the voice of life God gave me to a machine that has none, therefor distorting it to something its not, taking away its power and life and replacing it with something else, God talks through people not machines. However most teens like EM, I speak on behalf of the small minority of teens who do not. In the end all that really matters is, is Jesus pleased. Each of us must seek this out for ourselves. Anyways, I thank God for Cozi and the power of life that does originate from her music. Sincerely, Joshua
    Proverbs 4:23, 20:18 and 11:14NKJV God Bless

  43. Joshua

    I really enjoyed listening to this interview, first, because the joy, freedom, and liberty Cozi has which is quite contagious as you listen to this interview, most of her music and her movies. Also and most important is her reverence for the Lord and Glory to God for things in her life and involving her life, is really inspiring and in the entertainment industry is next to unheard of today and that is what makes her truly Original. Keep up the great work and God Bless, Joshua

  44. alexander balmore

    Hello,is nice to hear your song the girl I like it so much nice voice sweet and I just want to be friendly with you OK? I promise to support you,each day cozi keep on singing always bye

  45. Jasmaine

    I love the dolphin tale movies that u and Nathan played in Cozi are y’all dating in real life because in the movie it looked like y’all had a lot of chemistry.Also happy late 17 birthday Cozi and Nathatn y’all make a good couple and y’all should do another movie together i like seeing y’all together. I love y’all Nathan Gamble and Cozi Zuehlsdorff. I’m Y’all’s #1 fan.

  46. Phoebe

    I absolutely adored the dolphin tale movies but the second one is really sad I had two whole boxes of tissue for it but then it got really exciting and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time then there was the other dolphin hope and the cover line I so cute I almost cry when I read it.Are you and Nathan Gamble dating because the way the characters spoke made me think that you were not acting out your friendship and even that seemed to go higher than friends and also I so think that you should find something to do another movie on because those films were so good.
    —Phoebe Leanne Payne, Pembrokshie

  47. Gregg

    What a great surprise to hear you will be there. We booked a trip to CMA seven months ago for our five year old daughter from Irvine, CA. We will be there on Saturday when you are! Emmersyn is a big fan of yours and will be so excited to meet you! She has two dreams for when she grows up. To be a Marine Biologist and an Actress just like you! Also, coincidentally she is also signed with Abrams Artists. Safe travels…

  48. Kira Pegues

    I rally love your work! I want to be JUST like you. You are my favorite actress and song writer/singer. I am really great at singing. My fave song is ” Overuled ” I can sing it without lyrics. But ” Brave Souls ” is really catchy. When I get older I will follow you on Instagram and twitter!

  49. Libby

    I really like the color theme you picked. thanks for what you do, I really like to come on and read the updates. 🙂 Cozi is awesome, and you’re helping spread the awesomeness.

  50. andy cason

    dear cozi zuehlsdorff aboy named andy cason is going too bee working at cleawater marine aquarium in florida your friend andy

  51. Mason Bray

    I love love love love you. You are my hero you make me want to sing so I do! I LOVE YOU COZI I WANT TO MEET YOU

  52. Dirk Herzog

    Also, ick Liebe den Film über alles und deswegen habe ick och alle 2 Teile ick hoffe es gibt bald ein 3 Teil

    1. Lauren

      Nothing happened to Cozi; these are pictures from the set of Monday Mornings. Her character, Trisha Miller, had a brain stem glioma.

  53. Ruminsky

    Naja ..wen man sich das Lied mal öfters reinzieht es ist gar nicht mal schlecht Nur meine Meinung, aber da ich Österreicher bin und dieser Song eben der diesjährige österreichische ESC Beitrag ist also , ich bin da in dieser Hinsicht wohl eher etwas befangen” 😉 Das mit dem, das es etwas an New Age von Marlon Roudette” etwas erinnert” ist tatsächlich nicht ganz von der Hand zu weisen diesen Song mag ich allerdings sehr. Allerdings sind da natürlich keine Gospel Einflüße” . Gefällt mir komischerweise nach mehrmaligen Hören immer besser, aber bin da befangen” . Ich wünsch dem Cesar natürlich alles Gute und viel Erfolg das Finale ist sicher drin.

  54. Roseanne Pezzolla

    Hello Cozi! My name is Roseanne. I have a son, Philip who has Down Syndrome. He fell in love the two Dolphin Tales movies a while ago. Since then he has grown to have a great affection for you. This prompted us to swim with the Dolphins while in Bermuda last fall. This spring we went to Florida to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We knew you wouldn’t be there but thought it would thrill him none the less. On our way home he had a meltdown because he knew we were leaving Florida and there would be no chance of ever seeing you there. Philip is a beautiful young man (25 years old) and has never felt like this before. He feels such a connection to you somehow. If it would be in your heart at all to write him a letter, that would be the most awesome thing. We are actually thinking of planning a trip to California (Anaheim area) to visit family out there (probably October). If by chance you are doing any concerts or appearances, please let us know. It would totally make his world to get to see you.

  55. andycason

    dear cozi zuehisdorff sometime you should come and see andy cason supper club tooo cooking class at the rooolling medows commmuity center in rolllling medows your friend andy

  56. Jennifer Holden

    Is there an address to send fan mail? My daughter loves Cozi and would love to send her a letter.

  57. Olivia

    Hi Cozi!
    I absolutely love dolphin tale and am really inspired with the story of winter!!!
    Hey, I have a question, are you going out with Nathan?
    Keep up the great work!!!!

  58. Hope

    Hello! Just like everyone who visits this site I am a huge fan of Cozi Zuehlsdorff. I would like to send her fan email about the amazing impact she’s had on me and I was wondering if there’s a way to do this. It doesn’t necessarily have to be email but I am not able to write a letter as this point.

  59. Juan Osorio

    I really love your role in “Pure Country – Pure heart”. Your character is very authentic, honest, warm, and obviously, talented.

  60. Drew

    I want to meet you one day at the aquarium so I give some fan mail I have ps your the best actor ever if I can I help you with you songs I have big crush on you I loved you all your great shows

  61. Melody dawn Moore

    Cozi Zuersdrff
    T love you so much you are the best
    Move Star in the world
    You are amazing beautiful. Person in the world. You are so beautiful and cute
    Will you be my friend
    T don’t have one Cozi I love you please
    Come to my house have a sleep ver
    If you want to come okay

  62. Melody dawn. Moore

    Cozi Zuersdrff is so beautiful and cute and
    You are so cute
    You are so beautiful and amazing person
    You are so beautiful and amazing
    Pino a good. At sing
    Will you be my friend Cozi I love you so much you are beautiful you have beautiful smile your face is so cute and I love you so much I miss you so much will you come
    Please if you do love you so much
    Cozi Zuersdrff I. Will tell k with you
    Yes I will tlulk too you will I Cozi

  63. Melody dwn. Moore

    Cozi Zuersdrff
    T love you so much you
    You are so beautiful and cute face
    You are the best move Star in the world
    You are so beautiful and amazing
    Sigr you are so cute
    T love you so much you are beautiful beautiful smile beautiful face you r
    Are you going to talk to me