New Song: “The Girl” Now Available!

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“The Girl” featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff (written by Hellberg) is now available! You can listen to it for free with SoundCloud (below), Spotify, and YouTube. You can also buy it from Amazon¬†and GooglePlay. It is available for purchase in select countries from iTunes as a single, but the song will also be included in the upcoming Monstercat album “021: Perspective” (March 18).

4 thoughts on “New Song: “The Girl” Now Available!

  1. Sam

    First saw Cozi in Dolphin Tale (and two)…

    then years later I heard Hellberg’s new banger, and curious, I looked up who the vocalist is.

    Very, very surprised to see her face pop up.


  2. Joshua

    For me personally this song is extremely confusing for a couple of reasons. First, although the piano in the beginning was pretty, the majority of the music which for me more closely resembled noise than music, so overpowered Cozi’s voice so that you can hardly hear what’s going on. Second, EM is hard to listen to for me personally because I believe that the Lord’s most beautiful gift to us beside life it self, is our voices no matter how good or bad we sing {Psalms said make a joyful noise unto the Lord, not a beautiful one. Psalm 98:4} Our voices are meant to give the power of life and when I sing I don’t want to trust the voice of life God gave me to a machine that has none, therefor distorting it to something its not, taking away its power and life and replacing it with something else, God talks through people not machines. However most teens like EM, I speak on behalf of the small minority of teens who do not. In the end all that really matters is, is Jesus pleased. Each of us must seek this out for ourselves. Anyways, I thank God for Cozi and the power of life that does originate from her music. Sincerely, Joshua
    Proverbs 4:23, 20:18 and 11:14NKJV God Bless


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