Cozi’s New Website and Newsletter

Hello everyone! Due to myself, the sole user and content creator of this website, being very busy and not making any revenue or donations from this site there have not been regular updates anymore, as many of you who have kept up can tell. I wasn’t able to gain any help updating the site with Cozi news either, but don’t worry, our site will continue stay up with all the previous content kept as the ultimate Cozi database!

However, Cozi now has her own website and a newsletter where you can keep up with her latest projects and news! I’m linking to the site below. You can subscribe to her newsletter on this site and find links to her social media accounts to follow. Thanks again, fellow Cozi fans!

New Song, New Photos, New Videos!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, Zeeps! However, I have made up for lack of content and added 3 new albums to the image gallery from recent events Cozi attended, updated our playlist with new interviews and music videos, and added links to check out Cozi’s latest song with Monstercat: Medusa!

We are looking for help with keeping the site up-to-date with the latest Cozi content! Please contact us if you are interested and available.

New Song Coming Soon

Lauren   September 19, 2018   No Comments on New Song Coming Soon

Cozi has a new single to be released on September 27th called “Beat Drops”! This was announced yesterday on Radio Disney. Links to purchase will be posted here as soon as the song is officially out!