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Completely Cozi was created by Cozi’s long-time biggest fan Lauren who was a homeschooler like Cozi, and her dad, who also designs websites (Tier 1 Creative). Since 2009, Lauren has been running, updating, and moderating this site. We are the first fansite to have ever been created for Cozi, released before the first Dolphin Tale was in theaters. Our site is made with WordPress. We do not know Cozi, or any of her family members, but Cozi, we sure would like to meet you!

If you want to contact Lauren with a question, comment, or suggestion, please go to the “Contact Us” page. If you want to contact Cozi herself, you can reach her on Twitter at @CoziZuehlsdorff.



Completely Cozi is a non-profit site, which means that we do not get paid anything in return for running this fansite. If you would like to make a donation, click the Donate button below (US dollars only). Your donations will go to Lauren (the site owner and manager),  NOT Cozi or related parties, to cover personal expenses and occasional payments to keep this site running and looking great! There is no minimal or required amount; all donations are greatly appreciated!

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