Fun Fan Stuff

Dress like Cozi!

Dolphin Tale turtle necklace (seen in movie Dolphin Tale) buy here

Meet Cozi!

Opportunities to meet Cozi at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

More fun stuff:

Buy official Cozi merchandise (includes keychains, cup, magnets, t-shirts, and more!)

Graphics (wallpapers, color edits, ect.)


The official lyrics to Cozi’s song “Beat Drops”

A Spotify playlist I created of all of Cozi’s original or stand-alone songs

A SoundCloud playlist of all of Cozi’s collaborations with Monstercat artists

Fan videos:

Both made by Katie from Save Winter:

Both made by Laura from Introducing Willow:

3 thoughts on “Fun Fan Stuff

  1. Mason Bray

    I love love love love you. You are my hero you make me want to sing so I do! I LOVE YOU COZI I WANT TO MEET YOU

  2. Jennifer Holden

    Is there an address to send fan mail? My daughter loves Cozi and would love to send her a letter.


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