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Update 4/3/2015: You can now watch the Q&A from Thursday at the link or below. For the Mix 100.7 radio station, Cozi will be answering fan questions on a live stream. Scroll down on this page to type your questions in the chat box. Check it out (Thursday, April 2nd @ 11am).

1 thought on “Radio Q&A

  1. Joshua

    I really enjoyed listening to this interview, first, because the joy, freedom, and liberty Cozi has which is quite contagious as you listen to this interview, most of her music and her movies. Also and most important is her reverence for the Lord and Glory to God for things in her life and involving her life, is really inspiring and in the entertainment industry is next to unheard of today and that is what makes her truly Original. Keep up the great work and God Bless, Joshua


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