New Headshot!

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We have a beautiful, brand new exclusive headshot for you guys to see! More coming from Cozi’s latest photoshoots soon. Enjoy! (Click photo for HD)

7 thoughts on “New Headshot!

  1. Olana

    I know doesn’t she?! Whoever gets these emails please tell Cozi personally for me that she looks amazing in her new headshot!

  2. nathan smiddy

    boy how much Cozi has Change since the last time i seen her in the dolphin tale film, I just cant stop thinking about her as she is just so lovely and caring I just I had the chance to date her as iv been having very awesome dreams about me and her dating <3 and trust me they feel so real its like an dream is about to come true witch I just hope me and cozi will start dating ūüôā
    iv had loads of comments that cozi dose not have an facebook account and the rest says she dose ūüôĀ so Its like 50/50 is it yes or is it no ;'(


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