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Both Cozi and a music artist named Scott Effman recently posted a photo to Instagram saying that they (along with Johan Lindbrandt) have collaborated on a song!

Cozi’s caption:
Such good times! Cannot WAIT for you guys to hear the song that came out of this session.
Scott’s caption:
Just wrote the first of so many good songs w @cozizuehlsdorff and @johanlindbrandt10932143_628299053980281_141279014_n

2 thoughts on “Another New Song

  1. Joshua

    I am really looking forward to listening to the newest of Cozi’s songs. Personally I had mixed feelings about Originals, the only song I really enjoyed was “Shield”, not because the album sounded bad, but because to me it wasn’t truly Original. As a fan I for my self would enjoy hearing songs about what makes Cozi truly Original. For instance, most teenagers don’t watch old sit coms, The Brady Bunch, Andy Griffith, and so on. These shows came from a time when men had honor, children respected their parents, and families sat down at the dinner table together and prayed, holding hands and then talked about each others day, what the Lord was doing in their lives and so on and after would play a board game or watch a family movie instead of watching TV all the time . No matter what they did, they did together as one family. These things rarely happen now do to the moral decay of our nation and In this day and age these are things that are truly Original, however songs about these “Old Times” wont bring them back, but they will get people thinking. Songs like this, “Shield” and “Brave Souls”, I cried the first time I heard “Brave Souls” {and yes even guys can be moved to tears by songs such as these}, and songs about daily life or things we go through in life {Brave Souls}, no matter how original, different or the same as anybody else, {Sometimes its nice to know there’s someone else like you out there}, and keeping it “down to earth”, just because the “sky’s the limit” doesn’t mean you have to reach it. On a last note I just want to thank The Lord for Cozi and His inspiration thru her music. God Bless, Mt. 5:1-16 NKJV


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