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Exciting news! The date of Cozi’s episode of Monday Mornings is released! According to, Cozi’s episode titled Deus Ex Machina is set to air on Monday, February 11, 2013 on TNT at 9:00 pm and again at 11:00 pm (please check your DVR to make sure it’s the correct time zone for you). Be sure to watch!

4 thoughts on “Monday Mornings Air Date

  1. Brad Bodie

    I just saw your performance on “Monday Mornings” second episode. You were great! I must say that your performance and character made this show episode successful! The premiere episode last week was just OK, but this episode was outstanding… and you made it that way! (Well, the writers, other adult actors and production crew might have helped), but your performance was exceptional and it is the one I will remember. Keep up the great work!


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