Fun DT Trivia from Cozi

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Cozi tweeted something really funny about Dolphin Tale! Can you find the tomato in the movie?
“During the song “I’m yours” in the movie, there is a shot where a tomato can be seen. That tomato was snuck into the shot by Harry, Nathan, and me! We were nervous the director would notice–and he did. He had so much on his mind, all he did was turn it slightly to its side and walk away. I couldn’t stop laughing!!!!”

2 thoughts on “Fun DT Trivia from Cozi

  1. Sue

    I saw this trailer the other day, robefe I read the info posted here. I am so much more in supportive of it. I can’t wait to see the movie. My daughter is a Freshman at a Christian university. I am going to encourage her and some of her friends to head out and see the movie during opening day. I think that would be honored to support it!!

  2. Lavacar

    I watched the movie terilar of a dolphin tail. This is a must see movie for me. I’m going to see if my 20-year old son and I can’t make a date to see this one together. I’m also going to post the link on facebook to share with other family members, friends, and co-workers.


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