3 thoughts on “New Pics From Winter’s DT Adventure

  1. Griselda

    I cannot wait to see this movie! I wkroed on the set and our 2 youngest were amongst the 100 s of extras’ in the CROWD scene. Not to mention the story itself! I’ve got some pics of Winter and myself from the day I got to go down and meet’ her. It was a truly incredible experience that I cannot put into words. She was SO friendly and was clearly communicating to my friend and I. The eye-contact was amazing and she just loved to be in our presence and vice versa!!

  2. Amie

    Jennifer! This is for everyone! We just want to apersd the word to show Hollywood that good clean movies are desirable! It just so happens that 2 homeschooler believers are heavily involved with it Nathan and Cozi. But God put them in this position for such a time as this! They don’t represent just homeschoolers but they represent us followers of God! So yes, you are welcome to enter and please help us apersd the word!!!Courtney

  3. Paulina

    Watched the trailer! Our alfimy can’t wait to see it! We hate we’ll miss the homeschool day or any other visits to the theater we live in India! But, we’ve told our American friends all about it!We’d still love the fun pack and could have you mail it to our alfimy in the US.I’ve already posted on FB from Sally’s blog. Can you tell I’m excited??


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