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Here’s a new video of Cozi in her Sound of Music play, and a slideshow with Dolphin Tale music made for us by Save Winter!

2 thoughts on “New Videos

  1. Yuko

    Hi Dolly,What a touching video and a tfuubieal bond between human and anipawl. Poor Winter, losing her tail! I can’t imagine losing my tail! I’m glad Winter is able to swim again. Thanks for sharing the trailer. Anipawls cannot go to movie theatres so mummy will rent the DVD when it comes out. I shed tears on my fur while I was watching the trailer meow meow snif snif Cousin Choupet xxx

  2. Kristina

    Saw the movie at a the advance crneesing last weekend. Oh my! It’s a wonderful movie and so many lessons both academically and spiritually to draw from it. My 10 year old son told me last night, I think when Dolphin Tale comes out on video, we need to buy it. That, my friends, is high praise indeed!


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