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Cozi did an interview with American Girl magazine for the July/August 2011 edition! Here it is:

Name: Cozi Z., age 12

Where I work: If I’m working on a commercial, usually it’s made at a studio in Los Angeles. More recently I worked on a big movie set in Florida.

How I got started: When I was eight, I started performing in musical theater. One of my teachers encouraged me to act. I took acting classes and began auditioning for commercials. I am home-schooled. If I’m working on set, I study with a studio teacher when I’m not shooting. Sometimes I get pulled out of “class” to go do a scene.

Money: Most of the money I earn goes into my college fund. I’m allowed to spend some to spend on American Girl dolls, so that gives me extra motivation to work.

Why I love my job: I like meeting people who love acting as much as I do. And I love being part of stories that add happiness to the world.

Why my job is hard: It was not always easy to be smiley and social all day while we were filming the movie, but I did my very, very best. Living in a hotel for three months was hard, too, especially being away from my dog, sister, and my dad.

Lessons learned: I have learned about perseverance–meaning, how to keep going even if things aren’t going my way. It’s hard when I try for a part and I don’t get it. And during the filming of the movie (it’s about a boy and a dolphin), I had to be in the water almost every day. It was cold!

Future plans: I hope to get more acting work this year.

Advice: If you want to act, it will be tough to juggle school and work, but it could also be the most fun thing you’ve ever done.

When I grow up: I want to continue to act, and I’d like to become a singer or dancer, too.

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