9 thoughts on “Cozi Zuehlsdorff: No Facebook account

  1. nathan smiddy


    for some reason people have made accounts in Cozi name
    iv asked them all are you the real Cozi and they all said yes
    so iv ask all of them do you know what’s the name of your dog?
    5 out of 10 said the dog is called Bandit so for the rest of them that did not reply iv blocked them on Fb and also reported them as a fake to Facebook, I would like to 100% know the truth if Cozi done have facebook as i’m a big fan of her Film in dolphin tale witch that was very hart touching like <3 and also iv donated Winter and the CMA $55.00 witch is not much 🙁 i was hoping to get something like $5000 million or more to help them finish there goal 🙂
    Iv got my self some stuff of the seewinter.com site and what i got was a
    and a MUG

    So can you please tell me if Cozi dose have facebook thanks

    hope to here from Cozi like 🙂

    thanks again


    1. LROwen Post author

      Hello; I’m glad you are questioning the “Cozi” on Facebook. She is NOT on Facebook, and asking those questions may get answers that anyone can find on the site. Those accounts are not the real Cozi, none of them. She only has a Twitter, not a FB. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  2. Taggart Snyder

    Hi! I envy you, a bit, not having a Facebook account. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have one! LOL I do, however, have a basset hound named Bandit. Congrats on your acting. I wish you much success!

  3. alex murphy

    Dear Cozi,
    I am a big fan. I know that it is kind of weird for a boy to think your cool. In the second movie I was a lense wiper for the cameras. I was pretty amazed with you. Sorry I never made the time to see you.I am in Texas guess. Here’s my email if you cre to respond [email protected]. P.S I was in Annie, as Officer Ward In Korea.

  4. Kira Pegues

    I rally love your work! I want to be JUST like you. You are my favorite actress and song writer/singer. I am really great at singing. My fave song is ” Overuled ” I can sing it without lyrics. But ” Brave Souls ” is really catchy. When I get older I will follow you on Instagram and twitter!


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