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  1. Roseanne Pezzolla

    Hello Cozi! My name is Roseanne. I have a son, Philip who has Down Syndrome. He fell in love the two Dolphin Tales movies a while ago. Since then he has grown to have a great affection for you. This prompted us to swim with the Dolphins while in Bermuda last fall. This spring we went to Florida to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We knew you wouldn’t be there but thought it would thrill him none the less. On our way home he had a meltdown because he knew we were leaving Florida and there would be no chance of ever seeing you there. Philip is a beautiful young man (25 years old) and has never felt like this before. He feels such a connection to you somehow. If it would be in your heart at all to write him a letter, that would be the most awesome thing. We are actually thinking of planning a trip to California (Anaheim area) to visit family out there (probably October). If by chance you are doing any concerts or appearances, please let us know. It would totally make his world to get to see you.


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