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Girls Life Magazine did a quick interview with Cozi, here it is:

GL: What was your favorite scene to film in Dolphin Tale?

Cozi: The scene where Sawyer (Nathan Gamble), Clay (Harry Connick Jr.) and I had to sleep over in the aquarium. Everyone was laughing and joking even though it was almost midnight!

GL: What are some surprising things you learned about dolphins while working on the movie?

Cozi: Dolphins are conscious breathers, which means they have to think about each breath they take. So when they sleep, they shut half their brain off at a time and sleep with one eye open!

GL: If you could have any sea creature as a pet, what would you pick?

Cozi: Oh, that’s hard! Probably a dolphin, but I also love sea turtles and river otters. They have the sweetest faces!

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