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I found this on the Homeschooling Teen website.

Cozi (a nickname for “Cozette”) Zuehlsdorff, 13, made her screen debut in the movie “Dolphin Tale”, which opened in theaters nationwide on September 23, 2011. Like her character in the film (Clay’s daughter Hazel Haskett), Cozi is homeschooled in real life. In a interview, Cozi said, “Well, it sure gives me a lot of free time … I don’t have as strict of a school schedule, so I can audition for things in L.A. And it’s helped me get closer to God and closer to my mom, who’s my best friend. I love homeschooling.”

Cozi lives in Orange County, California with her parents, her older sister, and their puppy Bandit. Her mom runs a summer camp for kids. Cozi began her acting career at age eight when she was encouraged to audition for “Annie” at a local theater company. At the time, Cozi thought it would be more fun to go see the musical than to act in it, but she decided to audition anyway. Thanks to her effervescent personality and singing ability, she was cast as Annie and went on to perform in numerous lead roles – in shows such as “The Wizard of Oz,” “Peter Pan,” “Willy Wonka,” and “Seussical the Musical.”

Following her success in musical theater, Cozi turned her attention to TV and film. She can be seen in commercials for Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Illinois, Regions Bank, Amica Insurance, Hallmark, and Nestle Water. Then Cozi went straight from doing commercials to landing her first movie role, as Hazel in “Dolphin Tale.” Describing her life on the set, Cozi said, “We did all our shooting at the aquarium, and when we weren’t shooting, I’d literally walk through a door and attend school. I had to go to class for 3 ½ hours a day, and I worked nine hours a day.”

Cozi has a passion for vintage dresses, knitting, writing, singing, dancing, playing the piano, making homemade movies with her friends, and going to church. Yes, Cozi is a wonderful actress and more importantly a godly young lady! In a Tweet dated August 17, Cozi wrote, “Woke up this morning and remembered that God’s mercies are new every morning, and that this is the day the Lord has made!” And in an interview when she was asked “…your guiding star is in life, what is it?” Cozi answered unequivocally, “Jesus Christ, for sure.”

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