Fun Fan Stuff

Dress like Cozi!

Dolphin Tale turtle necklace (seen in movie Dolphin Tale) buy here

Cozi’s Style and Fashion on TheTake

More fun stuff:

Buy official Cozi merchandise (includes action figures, keychains, cup, magnets, t-shirts, and more!)

Graphics (wallpapers, color edits, ect.)

Official song lyrics:

Brave Souls

Original Originals



Middle of a

Turn the Light On

My Jam

That’s All She Wrote

Fan videos:

Both made by Katie from Save Winter:

Both made by Laura from Introducing Willow:

One thought on “Fun Fan Stuff

  1. Mason Bray

    I love love love love you. You are my hero you make me want to sing so I do! I LOVE YOU COZI I WANT TO MEET YOU


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